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Thanks for your interest in Imperium! Because we are a private group, our joining process is a little different from what you might have seen before. Instead of involving a full-fledged character application, we just want to see if you fit in with us as a group, and decide on a character later. Just follow these steps.

    • Read the getting started guide BEFORE applying.
    • Fill out our form. You can provide extra details, but avoid unnecessarily long answers.
    • Once your form is submitted, we’ll contact you as soon as possible, possibly with more questions. This might be within a day or two, but if many of us are busy, it could take longer. You can re-submit the form or ask if we’ve received it if you don’t hear back in ONE WEEK.
    • If you’re accepted, you’ll be given a link to our Discord server. If you don’t already have an account on Discord, you will need to create one to be a member of Imperium!
    • Once you join our server, you’ll have a trial period of 4 weeks where we can get to know each other. You’ll be able to play just like other members: worldbuild, develop your own character, or test drive an existing canon. If you break rules and cause problems before your trial period ends, you’ll be kicked from the server.
    • After the 4 weeks are up, consider yourself in! We’ll contact you to chat about how you’re feeling in the community, but that’s pretty much it.

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