Wall of Shame
We hate that this page has become necessary, but the fact is that Imperium has been plagiarized and/or ripped from one too many times. We don't mean in the way that something looks vaguely similar to something on Imp (after all, Imperium has a myriad of influences too), but rather egregious copying that clearly uses Imperium as a template without permission.

Again, this page has only been created due to blatant ripping multiple times that we feel should be exposed and not condoned within the RP world. If you want to use Imperium for direct inspiration, just talk to us. Ask permission, and give credit. That's all we ask.

If you're on this page and want to be removed, try to make something even marginally more original, and then contact us.


This forum has unfortunately been ripping from Imperium for years; both blatantly and by subtly imitating us after updates.

In the past, found to have plagiarized our (now archived) achievement system and and asked to remove it. We were also a little weirded out by how much their skin seemed to be inspired by ours (not incriminating, but only furthered our suspicion that they were indeed plagiarizing intentionally).

More recently:
Forum layout vs. ours
Thread layout / mini profile vs. ours

"Eastern Lands"

Forum layout vs. ours
Court hearsay vs. ours (and a closer copy on their test skin)
Character ratios vs. ours
Profile / thread layout vs. ours (note the almost identical background pattern, shields, and pointed "banner" profile)

Ironically, it seems like one or both of these forums may have also copied from each other, if you look at the thread layout.
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