Elisabetta Corona
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Bright Betta
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Elisabetta is the third and last child of Lucrecia Corona, aunt of the Crown Princess of Lucenna, Aryana Corona. Radiant, outgoing and a whirlwind of energy, Betta's known for her quick wit, her knowledge of court rumors and her fondness for astronomy and science. She's also determined to make it big, somehow.
Elisabetta Azahara Filomena Corona

Elisabetta (eh-lee-sah-BET-tah), italian form of Elisheva (hebrew), meaning "my God is abundance"
Azahara (ah-zah-HA-rah), spanish form of az-Zahrā (arabic), meaning "the shining one"
Filomena (fee-lo-MEH-nah), italian form of Philomene (greek), meaning "loved"
Also Known As
The Little Corona, The Star of Rosecourt, star-nerd
Titles & Offices
Master of Astronomy and Medicine
Lady-in-waiting to Empress Madhali Rana
Address As
My Baroness or My Great Lady
Heterosexual demiromantic

Kinsey Scale 0 (Exclusively attracted to another gender)
21 years
May 13, 452
Marital Status
Unmarried and searching (technically)

She does little use of the ability as she's scared by the possibility of losing her voice.
Elisabetta is usually seen as your classic vibrant and happy-to-go noble lady, always eager to engage any conversation and always with a scoop on what is being talked about at court. Still, no one forgets her wits are sharp as knives and that she can say no to a good argument.
Elisabetta who? Oh, the youngest of the Coronas. Is anything in her remarkable at all? What, she's a scholar? Well, isn't anything easier to achieve when your surname is Corona?
Energetic, charming and witty
Social, resourceful and rational
Mental Weaknesses
Arrogant, needy and fussy
Managing to make a name for herself while giving glory to house Corona.
She's actually done the stupid thing of falling in love with Leonidas Sayed. And she even hasn't realized about it (yet).
In Public
Bright, radiant and forward, Betta is that kind of person difficult to overlook. She tends to behave more social and compound when in public, and is always quite self-conscious about how she looks, what she does and who she talks to when in public. One could say she puts on an even more charming and calculated persona when surrounded with people of interest.
In Private
Betta's not that different in private than in public, being quite sincere in her interest in people and her love for social events. But, since she controls her behavior when in public, there are some parts of her personality she tends to keep. Thus, Elisabetta only shows her more nerdy and thoughtful side when she's with her closest friends or family.
She's proud to be a Corona and happy to have such a lovable, unique and special family around her. Betta has quite a close relationship with her older siblings and sees her cousins as role models, but also kind of envies them. She expects to make her family proud and be part of their glory, so part of her ambitions are actually rooted in the idea of being a good Corona scion.
Little is known about her romantic/sexual life for little she talks about it. She had some short relationships in the past, but none of them have actually made an impact in her. She's never been in love, even when she has tried and tried (or this she thinks).
Recently, she hasn't been very kind about the idea of religion. As she would say: there's no scientific proof about the existence of any gods, and she feels quite content with that answer. Despite this, Betta understands the importance of religion and knows people usually follows the Faith from habit, so she keeps her opinion to herself as what people believe does not disturb her.
Formerly betrothed to Leonidas Sayed (and trying to make it happen again)
Eyes of a striking shade between green and brown. White scholar tattoos on both of her hands.
5ft 5in
Soft but slim, with round arms and long legs
Physical Strengths
Has quite a good sight and, as per family tradition, was taught about self-defense
Physical Weaknesses
Not that remarkable at any physically demanding activity
Bandit, a black ferret. Duchess and Princess, two purple and gold maybirds.
May 13, 452.

So joyful, so alive
The world was big and full of colors and Elisabetta liked to run and catch every single glimpse of its splendor. There were so many things to watch, to follow, to discover, and she wanted to see each and every single one of them. She was a Corona, that was the first thing she learned, and it meant that the world was hers to take it. She only needed to dare, and Betta dared so much. When she was not the little Corona, they called her Bright Betta for she was as joyful as quick of mind.
Her golden locks always hiding behind her older siblings and her cousins. She was the little baby for all of them but Betta didn’t care, she asked them questions, she followed them and she listened to all their stories. They were adventures!

Those were beautiful years and, for every single piece from the world that Elisabetta discovered, she wanted even more.

Early 463.
The new Princess
She didn't learn the truth about sorrow and her first lessons of politics until that very moment when the body of her aunt, Princess Sabina, was carried in the procession. With tears all over her rosy cheeks, Elisabetta watched her oldest cousin Aryana leading the walk. She was going to be the next Princess Regnant of Lucenna, she would need a regent as she was still not old enough to rule by herself, but it would be her the one with the golden crown. There Betta understood power and succession.

When the time came in for the coronation, Elisabetta's eyes followed Aryana walking with her beautiful dress. Her cousin was mourning still but she looked so regal and so magnificent. Little Betta was only eleven but she knew, that very moment, that she wanted to be just like her older cousin. That was the first time, however, that she felt the difference that existed between her and her cousins, they were the first tier and so all the goods would go to them while she… she would always be the little Corona.

Learning from the stars
She was already three and ten and no marriage proposal had come to her, and she hadn't even found someone she fancied at court. Of course, how many lords and dukes would fight to try and get the hand of the third child of a second child, even if it was a Corona? Elisabetta knew they weren't many and she didn't want to have to be taken care of by her family, because that was what would happen if she didn't marry off. And so she made her mind up. She packed her belongings and went to the University of Nejem, it was not something weird for her to do as Betta had always a mind for knowledge and, although she was an absolute lucenni rose, the sole idea of living for some years in another region was exciting. So many new things to discover! She could also spend some time with her nejemese cousins at Al-Fakhar. And when she would have finished her studies, she would return to Lucenna as a full-scholar.

Elisabetta spent three years at Nejem studying one of the specialties of its university: astronomy. She felt overwhelmed about how many secrets the sky had been hiding from her over all those years, and she wanted to discover and learn every single one of them. The stars had captivated Betta since she had memory, as she watched them shine so bright and, at the same time, hanging so far away that she could not touch them. Studying them was the most similar thing to reach them.

Not everything was studying and not all her studies were about stars, however. She took lessons of medicine too as well as history, and people at the university were so different from the courtesans she had met before! There, apprentices and scholars had other agendas and Betta was no longer the little Corona of Rosecourt but just another student. It was strange for her not to receive the attention she was used to but she managed to find her place quite easily, that had always been one of her talents.

Love and faith
Her time at Nejem was not all joy and happiness as its scholar center was not only famous for the astronomy studies but also for their theology knowledge. By that time, Betta didn't care that much about the Faith -she barely followed it just because of custom- and so she decided to, why not, try to study some theology and perhaps she could get some illumination about that subject. Not only that didn't happen but, actually, it was the seed that germinated her radical opinions about the Faith. The problem wasn't with the lessons themselves, they were interesting and she actually enjoyed learning some new things and theories, but there was any attempt to explain its basis. Elisabetta couldn't accept that even the most incomprehensible things in the world, like the movements of the stars, had a logical side, but there was nothing logical or tangible in theological theories.

Tired of that theological nonsense and having already received her diploma as Master of Astronomy, Elisabetta decided it was the moment to end her time at Nejem. So she packed her belongings for a second time and traveled to Persad, for Betta thought she still had much and more to learn before she could return with her family, in Lucenna.

It was while she was studying for an anatomy exam that her path crossed with that boy, she wouldn't remember his name years after. All dashing words and with a pretty face, he said he had been watching her from far way and was madly in love with her. Betta couldn't be more surprised but he seemed nice and had a beautiful smile, he even challenged her to meet him and so she accepted. He was so in love with her, that was what he always said. He composed little verses, he wrote her some letters, and although that didn't displease Betta in any way she couldn't understand how he could be so in love with her when they barely knew each other for a week. She tried hard to search inside her heart, wanting to wake up one morning knowing that she loved him back, but it never happened, not when Betta couldn't feel any connection. If only he had given her some more time, but he wasn't willing to wait and thus, the spark was extinguished.

She forgot him in eight days, and in five more weeks she gained her diploma as a Master of Medicine. It was time for Elisabetta to return home.

The lady-in-waiting
It was like she had never left. Betta found her place back at Rosecourt as fast as she was making new friends and soon enough she was dancing at parties surrounded by people, laughing in the gardens sheltered by her friends and sharing all the little stories she had heard at Nejem's University, as well as learning every new one from Lucenna she didn't know already. She dazzled everyone as bright as a star.

But, despite everything, Betta still felt quite lost wandering the halls of Rosecourt without a purpose. She had thought naively that, after her studies, she would find her spot, but of course it wouldn't come out of anywhere. Luckily for Elisabetta, her cousin Aryana, whom she still admired like that very first day, took her under her wing and named Betta one of her ladies-in-waiting. Now this was not her life-aspiration but it was a good start. She was no longer only the young Corona with no other purpose than to follow her older siblings and cousins, she was the lady-in-waiting of the Crown Princess of Lucenna and, while that wasn't a big political position, at least Betta could accompany Aryana to most of her gatherings. She could spot a future husband there or maybe she could gather information about the courtesans more easily, that Betta had always liked it.

February, 473.
In time of war
Before she could even realize, almost the whole of her family had gone away. To the war, they said, but Betta couldn't understand. Her older cousins leading the lucenni soldiers, golden Luciana prisoner at Nejem, her oldest sister lost at the sea she had always loved and her reckless brother at the battlefield too. She thought of every each of them every single night and even, for the first time in years, tried to pray for them: for their safety, for not to receive the news of one -¡or all!- of their deaths, for not to see the nejemese army from the walls of Lucenna. But no prayers could calm her spirit and so Elisabetta spent her nights thinking and thinking of the family she loved so much. She had her mother, still, and her father too. She who had been Aryana's regent once, again in charge at Lucenna and Betta followed her every time it was possible, almost like when she was a little child. She wanted to be of use, to help in anything she could, now that she wasn't the last and the little one of a bunch of Coronas.

Her birthday came and went and Betta was so angry, not for the party that she didn't receive but for the siblings and cousins and friends she missed so much. There had been no year that she didn't celebrate her birthday with her whole family and friends, even when she was studying at Nejem. Elisabetta wanted for them to come home, and at the end, they came home in glorious victory.

October, 473.
Tournament of the Blue Lotus

November 3, 473.
The Betrothal
It was a good day to pay a visit to the nejemese market. There always were many interesting a beautiful things there, and Betta was willing to let her sight indulge.

She wasn't expecting to find her cousin Leonidas though, albeit it seems he was waiting Elisabetta. For he had a gift, a pendant with a ruby on its core, to give her.

A walk, some words, and he was proposing to her. Her mind started recalling that time, some years ago, when she had thought about marrying him. How he had been betrothed to another and Elisabetta had moved along. And so, she accepted. How things could have gone so fast she'd never knew, not even in that moment.

Novembre 28, 474.
Leonidas Sayed and Elisabetta's betrothal is announced

Late December, 473.
Yuletide in Rosecourt
Things go complicated for House Corona when Luciana was accused of being the cause of the Late Empress' death. Elisabetta herself didn't quite know how to feel about it but was eager to do everything her family considers appropriate.

February-March, 474.
The War for Nejem
Elisabetta didn't receive the news of House Sayed implication in the siege of Nejem by her betrothed. She hadn't had word of him since last month, actually. But she made sure Leonidas would know everything she thought about the idea, starting with a big "what was in your mind? And with your I mean you and your family!". She thought they wanted to heal the scars of the Royal Rebellion, to make amends, but they joined arms with the Naguibs in their silly intent of dethroning House Haroun? How did that make any sense? Not to Elisabetta, at least. She was worried, of course. They were kin, Leonidas her betrothed and they both had made so many plans...

When the rebellion ended, the insurgents were attained and executed and titles were stripped. Now, Betta wasn't only worried but also irritated. Irritated to see all she had worked for starting to crumble. And she had always hated watching her plans fall apart. But there was no time for feeling down, she had to start rearranging everything.

Early April, 474.
Leonidas and Elisabetta's betrothal is annulled because of House Sayed's role during the Rebellion

May, 474.
Elisabetta starts studying her mastery of economy

Late July, 474.
Elisabetta becomes one of the Empress ladies-in-waiting
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