Isabella Morandi
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Duchess of Helle
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Isabella Giovanna Morandi

Is-a-bell-a (meaning: consecrated to God in Italian)
Gi-o-van-na (meaning: gift from God in Italian)
Titles & Offices
Baroness of Calignon
Lady of Drakesfell
Master of History
Master of Theology
Address As
Your Grace
My Great Lady

Kinsey Scale 0 (Exclusively attracted to another gender)
30 years
May 10, 445
Ducal Senate
Marital Status
Married to Jin-Hai Morandi (nee. Liang)

Isabella's reputation is that of the somewhat calmer of the two Morandi sisters. She is also somewhat perceived as the more intelligent of the two because of her studies.
The majority the Iilian population still firmly believe that the Morandis are some sort of vampires who suck the blood from servants and people they don't like which drives Isabella crazy that it is still spoken about.

Isabella is widely spoken of to being very conceded, a rumor that is often made worse with how she speaks to people she perceves less intelligent than her.
Stubborn, Diligent, Diplomatic
-Compassionate: Despite her presence, Isabella can be quite compassionate, especially to those of Helle who are less fortunate.

-Intelligent: Isabella is a scholar in training. She had always been bright for her age and was always eager to learn more.

-Independent: Isabella has a mind of her own and wants to live her own life. She believes she doesn’t need anyone to get what she wants.
Mental Weaknesses
-Conceited: Mostly comes out at Court when people of minor families try to advance their status through her. She also shows it to her peers and those higher than her as well.
-Quick Tempered: When pushed, Isabella can be very quick to anger, to the point that she throws things in her chambers. Her servants are very careful not to give her bad news in sight of something breakable.
-Feelings of Superiority: Isabella truly believes that she is better and smarter than her peers. That often times gets her into a bit of trouble.
Short Term: Keep Helle from ruin; try not to kill her husband; be a halfway decent mother when the time comes.

Long Term: Become Head Scholar; Find a way to enact a small amount of revenge on the Huyans and the Cononas for forcing her into this marriage to begin with. Not to ruin Helle by being a horrible Duchess.
- Does not think the Liangs or Jin-Hai are responsible for the death of Carlotta.
-Isabella can actually tolerate her husband 75% of the time.
-She is very concerned for the welfare of Helle, to the point that if necessary, she would attempt to push her sister out should she engage in some unreasonable behaviors.
-she is starting to suspect that the Liangs might not be responsible for the death of her mother, Giovanna Morandi. She is starting her own investigation on the events that lead to her death.
-She actually enjoys being a mother much to her shock.
- Is completely out of her element as Duchess and is fearful she will do or say something that will hurt her family and her people.
In Public
-Isabella is known of being the smart, more level-headed of Giovanna’s daughters. If there is a chance that this feud between the Liangs will end, many people say that she might be the one to do it.

-She is known far and wide for her conceited nature. Many think that she needed to be shown some humility by marrying a Liang.

-Many are interested and concerned how she will run Helle now that she is the duchess.

Isabella can give off sort of a "I'm smarter than you, therefore I'm better than you" vibe most of the time that turns a lot of people (including some men) off to her. IF you are lucky to get into her inner circle, make sure you're not an idiot or she won't give you the time of day.
In Private
Isabella is often times gives the same presence to her family and friends that she does to the general public.
Though she wishes that certain members of her family didn't exist because they are clearly stupid, she is fiercely loyal to her family and to her house. Her relationship with her sister is far from the sisterly affection one should feel for one's sibling, but she is loyal to her and respects her as head of their house and family. Loyal yes, but don't expect her to show it by marrying. It will be a cold day in Nejem when she willingly lets that happen.

She has lessened her disdain somewhat to the house she has married into, but it would be no love loss on her if some of them met a sad end. She converses with her husband only when absolutely necessary.
Isabella is still pretty emotionally distant from her husband. Given the right person and the right situation, she would stray. Hey, if he can, so can she.

Isabella is currently undecided in the realm of Illian politics. She feels she needs more information before committing to a particular side and also she has more pressing issues in Helle right now.
Outwardly faithful, but starting to question a bit as she dives further into her studies. She still holds a strong devotion to The Goddess, particularly to The Guide.
Will write soon.
will write soon.
Physical Strengths
Physical Weaknesses
Was never athletic in any way like her sister due to her love of books and her fierce desire to stay in the library. She'll take a long walk, but that is it.
Isabella owns a mare she named Treasure. The mare is brown with white spots around her eyes.
May 19, 444

Happy Childhood
Isabella began to realize that her family was less than normal (at least in the people's eyes) when she was nine. She was on her family estates, reading a tomb on the history of Ilium when a group of female servants started whispering while they were doing their laundry in the lake nearby. Isabella couldn't help but to overhear their words, oblivious to the fact that she was about a foot away from them.

"Yes, cannibals. I mean it makes complete sense! One minute Gigi was there in the Duchess' chambers cleaning, and the next moment she's lying dead in the stables with her hands and feet half eaten!"

"Come now! That's just an old wive's tale!"

"Really! Then explain how I saw the Duchess creeping to the stables on the same night they found Gigi? I'm telling you something bad is going on in this house. I swear they are cursed by the God and Goddess!"

Finally hearing enough, Isabella stands up and walks over to them, screaming at the top of her lungs how traitorous they were being. That caused her nursemaid to race over and take her away scolding her for how unladylike she was being. Still upset, she relayed the entire story to her mother and father, hoping that the servants would be punished.

Isabella never saw those gossiping girls again. In fact, one of the girls she witnessed as being the main rumor spreader was found dead three days later, with her hands and feet half eaten.

October 6-7, 455.
Duchess' Murder
Giovanna Morandi is murdered and Isabella's older sister, Carlotta becomes Duchess of Helle. It was one of the few times that the ten-year-old Isabella cried, scared that whoever killed her mother would come after her. That lasted five minutes when one of her aunts shook her fiercely and demanded she stop her tears because "Morandis' do not cry, we get vengeance!"

When her mother's funeral pyre burns the next day, Isabella discovers that Suyin Liang is apparently responsible for the late Duchess' murder and her hatred for the Liang family festers and grows. She deals with her sadness and anger by diving deeper into her studies, drowning out the noise of politics and the deaths of a few guards who happened to be charged with protecting her mother the night she died.

Debut at Court
"I don't understand why I have to do this!" Isabella grumbled as the servant girl was putting the last few touches on her hair. In her eyes, this was beyond pointless and trivial. She much rather be at University with her Master finishing her studies in History, but her father, sister, and aunts demanded that she take part and be on her best behavior or they were ending her apprenticeship and marrying her off at the first available opportunity. Isabella grumbled and agreed, stating that the first male who tried to engage her in conversation that was below her intelligence was getting the verbal lashing of his life.

"You're doing it because it is your duty." Carlotta called out from her sister's chamber door. Isabella turned to glare at her sister, the Duchess' presence. For someone who had just lost her husband two months ago, Isabella thought Carlotta looked a little, festive to say the least. Carlotta and Isabella were pretty close as children, but when their mother died and Carlotta became Duchess, their relationship changed. She went from being kind and motherly, to stern and critical. Their relationship had deteriorated to such that they were barely civil to each other. Isabella admitted to herself that she was sad that was now their reality, but nothing could be done about it.

"I see the duchess is out of mourning. Perhaps she is ready to marry again and do her duty?"

Carlotta pressed her lips in anger but did not reply. Instead she turned to the servant "Make sure the Baroness is ready soon, we are all waiting for her." She walked out of the room and Isabella waved the servant off and stood, wanting to get this over with as soon as possible.

Isabella's debut could be marked as a success due in large part to that she didn't offend or slap anyone that night.

June 2, 466.
Isabella completes her studies in history after satisfactory completing her exams. She receives her her Masters title and her tattoo on her left wrist.

First Betrothal
Isabella was on track to start her studies in Theology when Carlotta announces that she is betrothed to the eldest Baron of Arieste, who was the heir of the Dukedom of Salancia. Isabella objected due in large part to the boy being six years younger than her and being an idiot. Isabella's objections became so loud and public, that the Duke ended the betrothal after a month. Carlotta was so furious that she sent Isabella away for a year to "remind her about her duties to her family." Isabella used the time to travel and visit the other universities in Illiam, making her more determined to further her studies and to avoid marriage as long as possible.

March 6, 468.
The Agreement
Isabella was actually quite shocked when she received a message from her sister while she was in Zhaoshang asking her to return home from her exile. She is certain that her father has something to do with this as Carlotta wouldn't have swallowed her pride long enough to summon her back home. So the prodigal sister returns to Helle and together the Duchess and the Baroness come to an agreement. Carlotta would not pressure Isabella to get married and allow her finish her studies, but Isabella had to accept that she may have to if Carlotta did not give birth to an heir. Isabella prays to the Goddess for her sister to get pregnant quickly and finally bear a healthy child so she will no longer be obligated to the duchy.

November 472.
Isabella receives her Masters' tattoo in Theology. She had spent over a year writing her tact on the Goddess and spent almost six months as a priestess in Lucenna. It was during this time she started to question the faith a bit and her devotion to it.

February 20, 473.
The Family Meeting
Isabella sat stoic as Carlotta told the family plainly that she was barren. Ranting and screaming would do no one good so she just sat silently as the family discusses options. Carlotta met with Isabella afterwards to discuss her "future commitments".

"No Carlotta," Isabella said firmly when they were alone. "I will not marry some dimwit you arrange for me. I enjoy my freedom and I intend to keep it. You said so yourself that you would still be duchess around here and we could take your title "over your dead body." I'm not after the ducal seat you know that! Leave me be to live my life and I will leave you to yours."

"We no longer have that luxury!" Carlotta screamed at her sister. "Do you have any pride for your family and our legacy! You are the heir of Helle whether you like it or not! For the good of everyone you must marry! You've been in your books for too long. It's time to do your duty you ungrateful twit!"

Isabella was incensed. "Forgive me sister, but we wouldn't be in this situation had you done yours and stopped killing your husbands one by one! Oh and your children! Five miscarriages is a little excessive, don't you think? Tell me, were they in your way too and had to be rid of!?" Isabella's head whipped around as Carlotta slapped her across the face. "You have no idea what I've been though Isabella, none!"

Isabella held her face and looked at her sister's eyes. She saw the hurt and knew she had gone too far. In her attempts to win the day over her sister, she had trivialized her pain.



Spring-Summer 473.
The Royal Rebellion
The Royal Rebellion begins and Isabella tries her best to stay as far from it as humanly possible. She shows her loyalty to her family and the Coronas as is doubtful. She takes over as regent in Helle as Carlotta leads the forces against the Nejemese. She is not surprised when Carlotta returns without her husband, a widow once more.

Summer-Fall 473.
The Husband Hunt
Isabella knows that she cannot avoid it anymore, but she is determined to do so. Her father and Carlotta can rant and rave all they want, she's not getting married and bringing children into this crazy world and family. However, as the heir to Helle, she officially has no choice. The family begins the hunt for a suitable husband and consort for Isabella while she puts a plan in motion to insure that no one will want her.

October 473.
Hostile Betrothal
"No, I won't do it. They can't make me!"

Normally it would be beneath Isabella to rant and rave like she was five-years-old again but recent news warranted this type of response. Isabella had just received word that she was a Liang. The royal families were making it their business to ruin her life and cause further bloodshed by forcing this preposterous marriage to the Ambassador to Najem's brother! Isabella crumbled up the official letter and threw it in the fire, but seeing the paper burn did not ease her raging spirit. Did they have any idea what her sister would do to him once he got into this house? They would be lucky to find pieces of him! She knew she had to accept the fact that she had to marry and conceive an heir but this was just too much! Anyone but a Liang!

Isabella went to her writing table and pulled out a piece of parchment. There was only one person she could go to for advice and council who she respected above all else. The Princess Consort of Najem, her aunt.

December 2, 473.
Putting on the Chains at Wolfscourt
Isabella Morandi begrudgingly marries ____Liang during a simple ceremony at Wolfscourt. Rumors abound that the couple did not consummate the marriage.

Feburary 10, 474.
Her Worst Nightmare
Isabella Morandi discovers that she is with child. She is horrified and wishes to keep it quiet as long as possible.

August 12, 474.
A New Mother; A New Duchess
Isabella goes into labor and gives birth to her son, Alessando in the evening hours. Meanwhile, Carlotta Morandi is murdered in the castle gardens by who is said to be guard loyal to the Liangs. It is actually her aunt and uncle who is responsible. Pressured by her advisers and her people to act quickly, Isabella reluctantly has her husband Jin-Hai arrested for treason straining the already tense relationship between the Morandis and the Liangs.

August 16, 474.
War or Peace?
Carlotta's funeral takes place amid calls for Isabella to launch an attack on Cheyanne in retaliation. Isabella is conflicted, knowing that such an attack will bring about a civil war.

-Her ambition only goes as far as being the Head Scholar to the empire. She's willing and happy to see heads roll in order to have that.

-Her knowledge of politics grows as she is forced to accept the fact that she will be the Duchess of Helle one day. She is starting to pretend to smile and play nice as much as it pains her to speak to intellectually inferior people to improve her family's reputation.

-She is a little bitter about her marriage to ____ Morandi nee. Liang but has begrudgingly accepted it as a necessary means to an end. She has no love for him and will be currently be open to an emotional affair with a man mostly to make him angry.
-She is starting to investigate the possibility that her mother did not die at the hands of the Liangs. She will need some help outside her husband in order to get this done.
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