Rahim Sadik
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Duke of Larkavati
The Iron Goat
without reservation or exception; undeviating; absolute, as believing in or adhering to a principle
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Rahim was looking forward to retirement, but then Natanaele Corona became the emperor and he realized he's a huge control freak who can't leave his beloved empire in someone else's hands. Spends most of his time sighing deeply and lowkey wishing the assassination plot against him had actually worked.
Rahim Kshitij Sadik
Also Known As
Ra-Ra-Ra-Rahim, Persad's greatest love machine
Titles & Offices
Chief Advisor of the Imperial Council
Address As
Your Grace
Cis man
Bisexual, heteroromantic
51 years
September 21, 423
Marital Status
He's incredibly competent, and not to be messed with. However, he's not exactly liked, just respected. Although he's been considered a fairly good man up to this point (if not an outstanding one), many people now question his honor because he betrayed the Nejemese during the Royal Rebellion as soon as he determined they were the losing side.
Primarily that he is old and past his prime and drawing ever close to his death. After recent events it has also been said that he is untrustworthy and/or a coward.
Inhospitable, methodical, practical, dry
Patience, unreadability, practicality
Mental Weaknesses
Stubbornness, judgment, unapproachability, pessimism
To keep this godsforsaken empire from going to shit, even though it's messing with his retirement plans
Rahim has a number of skeletons in the closet, most of them small; you don't get to be fifty-one years old and one of the highest officials in the world's greatest empire without stepping over a few bodies. That said, he's got nothing especially damning, and in fact he's not quite as "dirty" as some rumors would have you believe. Rahim really tries to avoid anything messy and, so far, this tactic seems to be working.

It's not a secret, per se, but he does feel a bit guilty about the fact that he convinced the court best-friend-turned-enemy Haidar Yilmaz was a traitor. Not that it took much effort on his part.

He is in love with Yasmin Misra, and the father of her child
In Public
A tall, imposing presence, Rahim is always well dressed and put together. Although he dresses befitting his station, he's not very fashionable, and his style could probably be described as boring and rather somber. One gets the feeling that he is always judging or slightly disapproving, which can make him quite intimidating, but he does have a level-headed and grounded nature that makes him very reassuring in a crisis.
In Private
Rahim is the same with his family and those close to him as he is in public, which is doubtlessly infuriating at times as it makes it difficult for even close family members to communicate nonsense like feelings and/or emotions.
Distant. Rahim rules his house with a firm hand; although he's just, he doesn't seem to care for feelings so much as practicality and the big picture. He's also quite convinced that he knows better than everyone else, and he's unlikely to compromise once he's made a decision. That said, it's not entirely negative; he's very loyal and protective of his family even if he's not very good with emotional closeness. His excuse is that he is a very, very busy man.

Practically the Dignitate poster child grandpa
He goes through the motions and throughout his life has wavered between skepticism and strong belief, based on his current situation. At present he's sure the gods are responsible for him still being alive, but he's kind of mad about it.
Physical Strengths
He's pretty spry despite the fact that he looks like he could break every bone in his body with one misstep
Physical Weaknesses
Asthmatic, and really just not the man he used to be
September 21, 423


Ascension to Duke of Larkavati
Like all people, he is a thing of flesh driven by memories. It seems that the older he becomes, the more Rahim reflects on his childhood.

He was always the rather quieter and odder one of his siblings; perhaps it was a consequence of being the only brother among sisters, or perhaps it would have been the same either way. He had no knack for traditional academics, nor for battle of any sort. His interests, in fact, are Persadian to the marrow: sailing and navigation. Starting at the age of six, he had asked for his own ship every single year as a birthday present.

At sixteen his patience was rewarded and he marveled over the fine craftsmanship, the clean cut of the sails as they unfurled to greet the open ocean.

It is not the same when he becomes the duke, which is not even a terribly interesting occasion. He had taken over the ruling some weeks ago when his father took ill. He has little ambition, only the sense that most men are fools, and he is not. Though Rahim had not been close with his father, they shared this at least, the reputation of men with heads set squarely on their shoulders.

Chief Advisor
He is honored; the position caters to his pride, although he has never been terribly ambitious. The fact is this: he is quite certain he can do much better than anyone else, and everyone else seems to agree.

Death of Ming Xia
He is the first of the council to reach the Empress after her death: her skin is cold, her eyes blank, and a sudden emptiness comes upon him. Their late-night discussions of philosophy had become a regular delight in his otherwise dry routine; as irritated as he sometimes find himself with young people, in some of them there is such brightness. That luster has long since faded from his own person.

He had thought that his time as Chief Advisor might make him more cynical, but it seems he already had a healthy dose of pessimism in his blood. What it does do, what she and Nijad do, is make him love the Ilian Empire and its tremendous greatness, and how much greater it could be.

But there are more pressing matters: the Empress has been murdered, and royal blood is especially good at attracting sharks. Something terrible is ahead. He can feel it in his bones; other old men feel the weather, and he feels the clanking gears of fate.

And, by gods, he just wishes it would leave him alone.

The Iron Goat
They say he is old now, and he supposes they're right, but he also supposes that there are men much older than he. Rahim is unable to walk without the use of a cane, it's true that his old, lumpy heart has been giving him trouble of late, and he ponders more than once whether he might resign as Chief Advisor.

In fact, he did have plans to resign, or at least broach the topic, following a particularly bad week of creaking joints. It was the assassination attempt that convinced him to keep going. He'll end things on his own terms, thank you very much.
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