Feiyan Xun
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Feiyan grew up with the Huyan court as Ming Xia's close companion, and continued attending her while she was Empress. She views the Huyans as her true famly while shunning the Xuns due to their fading status. Still angry over the death of Ming Xia, she would do anything to avenge her, and has felt endlessly restless. While friendly and well-mannered, she is very passive aggressive and has been noticeably different since the death of Ming Xia. For one, she desires constant entertainment and diversions to distract her from her mental state.
Titles & Offices
Imperial assistant
Address As
My Great Lady, My Baroness
Cis woman
32 years
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Discovered as a young girl and used to "communicate" with Ming Xia. It aids her gift of manipulation, though it only works when she's experiencing strong emotions. Since Ming Xia could not "reply," it made Feiyan question their bond.
Known for being a "puppet" of House Huyan and the imperials; considered harmless but not necessarily trustworthy
She has not been the same person since Ming Xia Huyan's death
Poised, loyal, bitter, outward friendliness
Discretion, purpose, methodical nature, shrewdness
Mental Weaknesses
Being positive or genuinely friendly about literally anything
Exacting revenge on anyone involved in Ming Xia's death
She committed a number of crimes to keep Ming Xia (and by extension House Huyan) as safe as possible
In Public
Friendly and (formerly) enthusiastic, well-mannered, occasionally passive-aggressive, incredibly loyal to House Huyan
In Private
The same as she is in public, but showing her cleverness and darkness more readily
Distant; Feiyan rarely makes contact with her blood relations, and believes herself above them; she views the Huyans as her "real" family
She believes in the gods, but not that they care about or pay much attention to humanity
Enormous, dark eyes, innocent-looking features
Physical Strengths
Sharp hearing and sense of smell, graceful dancer
Physical Weaknesses
Pretty weak
JANUARY 13, 441

Feiyan fosters at Wolfscourt and is the ward of House Huyan; she quickly befriends Ming Xia
The strings of the konghou shudder beneath her touch, a melodious sound spilling over the garden while Feiyan smiles for her audience. She is fifteen years younger than her eldest brother, with no hope of inheriting anything of her own, and her noble house has no other purpose but to send her to Wolfscourt, where her sister can watch over her and she can perhaps be of some use.

Feiyan becomes the constant companion of Ming Xia Huyan, and together they are gems of the court, delighting all with their refined sensibilities. Ming Xia is the brighter of two stars, three if Ren Xiao is counted. They make an odd trio; Ren Xiao coarse, Ming Xia charming, and Feiyan the good-humored companion who trails behind them and entertains at their pleasure. It is marked by complacency, but lingering satisfaction; she detests the visits of her brother who speaks such sweet words but never writes.

When the leaders of House Xun speak of great matters, the door is shut in her face. She is ever too young to understand. The Huyans are her true family, even if she is not one of them. Owls cease to bear meaning, and she casts her dice with those who would rise higher than her family ever would.

“I will be the empress one day, and you will be my consort,” Ming Xia promises her, and kisses Feiyan’s cheek with red-painted lips. “We will rule together.” The idea does not entirely appeal to Feiyan; she has never desired a direct seat of power, but as consort to the empress it would hardly matter. She already has Ming Xia’s ear, knows many of her secrets and those of House Huyan.

They are only children when the promise is made, but their ambitions only grow. Ming Xia presents humility but laughs with her companion at night at how much a fool everyone else seems. She is sweet as the Maiden, created in Her image, but her temper in private rivals that of the Warrior. Feiyan grows accustomed to seeing her face change from a frown to a smile when they leave private quarters; she lives to please others, or so it seems, and eventually that is enough to buy the seat of an Empress.

Feiyan is part of Ming Xia's imperial court
Feiyan Xun does not become an imperial consort, and though she is unsurprised (who would need House Xun as their greatest ally?), the weight that settles in her stomach is unshakeable. She loves her sovereign, and she loves her Empire, more than she has ever loved her own family. Her face remains impassive when Ming Xia and Natanaele Corona court; surely the alliance is worth it, but she still imagines Natanaele’s untimely death with grim satisfaction.

It pleases Ming Xia, she reminds herself, although they have both grown so exhausted with the imperial life. The Empress is frequently exhausted and complains of stupid courtiers while Feiyan brushes her long, dark hair. It is the way of things to have a sore neck from head ornaments, to be stifled by the heat in court trappings, and to appeal to the dukes of the Senate.

Ming Xia’s burden is such that Feiyan alleviates it as best she can, with sweet words and dark-humored commentary, string instruments and paintings and dances to please Her Imperial Majesty. She would strangle every last one of the dukes that opposed them, if she could; if only they could see the exhaustion and frustration in her eyes. Despite all this, she revels in it, still dons her mask when passing through public doorways, and Feiyan must remind herself: the Empress is not her own, she belongs to the people, she is no longer Ming Xia.

Feiyan's morality becomes more and more questionable in the name of serving her empress
“Why did you not tell her?” The guard asks as they linger over the body of one of Ming Xia’s servants. Feiyan slips the latest secret correspondence out of the girl’s pocket; she has passed imperial secrets for less than a week before meeting her fate. Two small fingers close unfeeling eyelids gently, and but for the thin ribbon of red that crosses her throat, she could be sleeping.

“I bear it so she won’t have to,” Feiyan responds, and her voice does not shake despite the fact that she is fighting the urge to vomit.

Summer 473
Ming Xia dies of poisoning, causing the Royal Rebellion
At first, she is angry with Ming Xia for having the nerve to die so early, and then she is angry with the gods, and at last with the murderer. She scowls often at those who now sing nothing but praises for Ming Xia Huyan; they romanticize her in death but know nothing of her personhood, flittering about with condolences and sympathies to curry favor.

They do not weep as Feiyan does, then makes up her eyes with colors to disguise their redness. The one who served food that day is disposed of only after she terrorizes him with a certain relish, but it gives her no satisfaction, only a feeling of hollowness. Perhaps one of the very people who extends sympathies is the one who poisoned her cup.

It is still not enough; she is still angry, she wants them all dead, all the traitorous leeches in the Empire, and the Huyans especially for causing this war. It is easy to blame Nijad, one of the only people Ming Xia trusted, and when his head departs his body she departs to sleep with the aid of wine.

August 473
Natanaele Corona and Madhali Rana are elected imperials; Feiyan remains with the imperial court despite being more loyal to the Huyans
“You must stay with the Imperial Court,” Natanaele all but commands. “You’re useful.”

“You only keep me because I'm funnier than the jester,” replies the imperial lapdog, or so they say. Perhaps it is true. She entertains them, she does their dirty work, she carries their messages and avenges their deaths. Feiyan Xun is truly indisposable, a confidante of Ming Xia and now head of the Imperial household in all but title, keeper of their secrets, messenger of the gods.

She can use this, somehow.

When her brother writes, she burns the letter, and it curdles in the flame while she tries a strand of gold around her neck. You always have the sun in your eyes, some say, but now there are only storms.
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