Priya of Persad
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Bastard of House Rana
The Jolly Dodger
a reckless person who enjoys doing dangerous things
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Priya is mischievous, adventurous, and aspirational. As a bastard of House Rana she has always endured a combination of both shackles and freedom, and spent much of her time sailing and enforcing dealings with the Ranas. Now, she is a member of the Ladonic Order, and contracted severe injuries in the battle for Nenesht.
Titles & Offices
Former Captain of the Dragon's Redemption, former privateer
Address As
Captain (she insists)
Cis woman
25 years
March 4, 448
Ladonic Order
Marital Status
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A Rana bastard with a proclivity for ambitious schemes and raucous pranks which may or may not be successful
She has ambitions beyond her station
Feisty, daredevil, ambitious, dorky
Persuasive, fun, enterprising
Mental Weaknesses
Impulsive, loud, mischievous
To be remembered after death
She has a huge crush on Hafsa Haroun, which is basically an open secret
In Public
She is little, but she is fierce.
In Private
Priya is friends with a few of the Ranas, but many of them see her as lesser due to her birth, and she is excluded from most "official" family things.

Doesn't have that much of an opinion, but sort of a Glorian by default, since the Ladonic Order is used for Glorian purposes.
A long line of question marks, though she likes to think there's a higher power. She questions some of the teachings of the faith but believes in the basics.
Strong eyebrows, low height, and sparkling eyes
Physical Strengths
Pretty athletic all-around, high stamina
Physical Weaknesses
I mean, she's athletic, but she's not invincible and is more of a jack of all trades / master of none when it comes to various skills
Pakshi, her Tecuani dragon
March 4, 448

May 5, 456
"I heard that if you walk into the ocean naked under a full moon and kiss a sea goat, you'll become a mermaid," she whispers, dark eyes flitting back to her work. Lessons are always dull, and she has no love for books, except for those with pictures and tales of grand adventures. Those she could read all day, but this?

Of what is known of the human body, the heart must contain the soul, and the brain the spirit, although some scholars debate—

No. No, this won't do it all.

And, quite frankly, she couldn't give less of a fuck of what high-chinned, tight-lipped scholars debate over, seeing as they don't seem to care about much else. The very least she can do is alleviate their boredom later, when she and her niece (the same age, coincidentally, and so frequently called cousin instead) will finally turn into mermaids and leave this stuffy court behind.

May 8, 456
The air is so hot and wet that a sheen of sweat and water clings to her skin, but it's at least bearable at night, when the sun closes its great eye and only the dark and cool are left. Priya wades out into sea, holding her niece-cousin's hand, both of them naked and the moon round and full above.

"How do we find a sea goat?" Her companion whispers.

"I don't know," She whispers back, although it's not very quiet for a whisper. "Maybe we have to go further." She looks out at the waves with trembling expectation, water lapping higher and higher on their legs and they move out.

Before they can find a sea goat, however, a lantern swings into sight and someone shouts their names. The girls break out into a run, too late to find their discarded clothing, and are both confined to their rooms the next day.

Even through her punishment, she dreams of the water curling around her ankles.

Not even her father speaks of her mother, and though he calls her beloved and keeps her in the courts at Persad, she knows she is not enough. She is not enough because she was not born of marriage (oh, of noble blood certainly, but the wrong noble blood). They speak of duty and loyalty to family, but who is she? The youngest, not even full-blooded, a runaway and a scoundrel who frustrates them at every turn.

Nobody speaks of her mother. What other bastards there are, she cannot say; perhaps she is the only one. She is raised far better than the smallfolk, always with food in her belly and clothes on her back, but she itches for something more. The life of nobility is not meant for an illegitimate daughter, and though nobody speaks of it verbally, the reminders are constant. She is always last in line, she is never presented in front of important guests, she is cared for but never quite as much.

War comes, and with it, opportunity. Priya begs to be put to use; she has sailed countless times, surpassed even her siblings in the art. Visions of glory flit through her thoughts constantly, and she is finally, finally granted the privileges of a privateer captain. Pirate, some might say, but it's for a good cause.

It is only later that she realizes that the job is a bloody one, and although she has always been a daredevil, the sight of bloodshed makes her so nauseous that she hides in her cabin and locks the door. Some captain, they say. Some captain. A jolly dodger instead of a jolly roger.

It's supposed to be an insult, but in truth, she doesn't care.
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✦ priya doesn't want to watch the world burn, but if it does, she's gonna figure out how to toast some marshmallows over the fire pit. she's not entirely lacking in moral character, but she plays by her own rules, which prioritize herself above anyone else.

✦ goals: have her fingers in all of the pies. unfortunately, she's not that good at keeping secrets, nor does she actually give a shit about most court proceedings. what she does care about is trying to impress her family and furthering her own ambitions of wealth. power and status too, but mostly wealth.

✦ she's a rana-bred bastard by a lower noblewoman and basically the weird child nobody wanted. she is also about the same age as her nieces and nephews, hilariously enough. she acts more like a cousin.

✦ priya captained a privateer ship for persad during the civil war, and she's quite good at sailing, but she (in)famously avoided battles by pretending her ship was on fire and luring enemy vessels to her aid. she later earned honors for capturing so many ships. to be honest, she was in her cabin eating most of the time.

✦ priya CAN be sweet. keyword can. most of the time she's a sarcastic piece of shit.

✦ she's not a classically academic girl, but she's very hands on: give her wood and she'll build you a ship, figuratively (or possibly literally)

✦ highly opinionated, especially about classism, but she also has some self-hatred about being a bastard. she's also liable to mouth off and get away with it only because she's related to the ranas.

✦ and she's nosy — a real mystery solver. the nancy drew of your nightmares, really. she loves knowing things, especially secrets and anything scandalous, so she's quite knowledgeable about weirdly personal things.

✦ that said, she's really good at talking things up like a true silvertongue, and is one of persad's most notorious traders. priya is often told by the ranas to go around and collect their debts, watch over the seas, and that type of stuff.

✦ speaking to crowds and about other things? that's easy...but she's really terrible with real social interaction. so like basically she tries to be suave and fails horribly.