Iason Kartal
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One-Eyed Iason
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Also Known As
Iason Swanskin, Bastard (by Priya of Persad)
Titles & Offices
Ladonic Knight
Address As
My Great Lord, My Lord, Ser
Cisgendered, he/him
23 years
August 14, 451
Ladonic Order, Strateraeon Knight
Marital Status
Betrothed to Ionnya Constantinou

His bloodgift first manifested when Iason and his sister were sent to foster with the Harouns, and he would find himself spiritwalking through the halls in search of his sister at night. He has yet to fully master his abilities and uses them mostly to check up on his family, friends, and fellow members of the Ladonic Order. Often spiritwalks rather than sleeping in times of great stress.
Formerly known for not much more than his connection to important relatives, Iason has garnered some respect in his own right after being recruited to the Ladonic Order.
He ran away to the Ladonic Order instead of defending Arshak.
Altruistic, Reliable, Extroverted
Empathetic, possesses a strong desire to protect family and friends,
Mental Weaknesses
Inclined to make rash decisions, sensitive to criticism, overly trusting,
Wants to help bring stability to the empire and prove his worth by serving in the Ladonic Order.
In Public
Cheerful, friendly, and unfailingly helpful. Kind of like an annoying puppy.
In Private
Still tries to put on a brave and cheerful front, but it more inclined to let his guard down around fellow Ladonic Knights.
He’s been harbouring some resentment towards his sister ever since she married Musad Haroun but has mostly worked past feeling overshadowed by her in their youth. He’s a total mama’s boy, but he will deny it with his dying breath. Has absolutely nothing against his newly legitimized family, and will definitely fight anyone who says shit about them.

Technically undeclared, but largely seen to be Glorian due to his involvement in the Ladonic Order.
Not super committed to the Faith, but he’s not about to blaspheme and piss off the gods. Since the war, he’s made an effort to be more pious, in the hopes it might bring him comfort.
Squired With
Evander Tempesta
Fostered With
House Haroun
After the incident on Dvorjard, Iason has a large scar that runs from his forehead, across his eye, and down his left cheek. Though his vision is miraculously unimpaired, the scar did not heal well. He has taken to wearing an eyepatch in public to hide the worst of his injury. He also has burns down the side of his body that mirror Priya's.
A bit of a leaner, swimmer's body.
Physical Strengths
Can hold his breath for over three minutes underwater.
Physical Weaknesses
Has shitty depth perception when he's wearing the Courtesy Eyepatch.
Aella, his Tecuani dragon.
Astraeus, a griffin.
Triton, a sea goat.
August 14, 451

Iason and his sister foster with the Harouns.
“It’s an honour to foster with a royal family, Iason.” His mother’s voice is stern, but her touch is gentle as she fusses with his hair. “Doubly so, since they have agreed to take you as well as your sister.”

It’s an answer to a question he never asked, and the honour is lost on Iason. He knows better than say anything, though. It’s too late to back out now; they’ve already docked in Nejem, and a reception awaits in the palace. His mother tries to smooth down (yet another) lock of stray hair, sighing in frustration when it does not bend to her will.

“It will have to do,” she says before turning and striding off the ship, trailed by her firstborn.

A large hand ruffles through Iason’s hair as soon as her back is turned, further rumpling his appearance. Iason gapes at the culprit surprised that anyone—especially his father—would dare contradict Isidora Kartal. Immediately, Iason attempts to calm the unruly strands.

“Don’t do that!”

“Why not? Afraid your mother will see?”

“Wha- No!” His hands drop as quickly as the heat rises in his cheeks. “I don’t care what she thinks!”

“Bold words, my son,” the older man says, as Iason ducks another swipe at his hair and runs off the boat after the ladies. "But I don’t quite believe you.”

Iason squires with his uncle, Evander Tempesta.
So far as Iason can tell, there comes a point in every young person's life where a relative gets it into their head to give them The Talk. Unfortunately for Iason, this grand idea has occurred to no less than four of his relatives, on eight separate occasions. His uncle's latest scheme involves less talking and more action, but is no less horrifying for Iason.

He's not even sure there is a scheme in action until they're halfway through their meal and Iason catches sight of his uncle's shit-eating grin. He half jumps out of his skin when a serving girl slips onto his lap, grinning up at him and batting her lashes like a fool.

"Your uncle tells me you have a problem m'lord, and that only I can help you with it. Why don't you come with me and we'll see if we can do something to put some hair on your chest?"

She traces the tip of her index finger halfway across the edge of Iason's equally hairless jaw before he takes her by the waist and sets the young woman back on her feet.

"Sorry sweetheart, you're not my type." The parting smile he offers her is a thousand times kinder than he look Iason turns on his cackling uncle when she leaves.

"That hasn't been funny for two years, and you know it."

Iason becomes the heir to Arshak.
Iason knows he’s a fool for hoping that his return from abroad might be the most important part of the evening. Knighthood is an expectation for a young man of his station, not an accomplishment. Still, Iason's shoulders still slump in disappointment when he sees his sister in the seat of honour at their mother's side.

Of course this evening is about her; everything always is.

He's late—and after an afternoon of proper celebration with his uncle, rather tipsy—so the duchess wastes no time starting her speech once Iason sits. The dutiful, sober part of his brain insists he pays attention but it loses. A new glass of wine is so much more interesting than another speech lauding his sister. It's a good three minutes before anything his mother is saying registers.

"And so it is my great pleasure to announce the betrothal of my daughter to the Duke of Meiros, Musad Haroun." Isidora favours her daughter with a proud look amidst applause and cries of congratulations from the other guests.

Meanwhile, the words work their way through the fog of wine around Iason's brain. Once the full scope of the situation dawns on him, Iason turns to his sister, hoping for an apology. Something in the flush of her cheeks and the falseness of her modesty tells Iason it will be a long time coming.

Later that night, the illegitimate contingent of the family take Iason out by way of apology. It's a seedier establishment than he's used to, but they drown his complaints with cheap ale. They try to do the same with his endless whining about his sudden shift in responsibility, but the alcohol only makes things worse. By the end of the night, they take to agreeing with Iason just to see if it will shut him up.

It doesn't.

Iason passes out a few hours before dawn, but they let him sleep on the table until it's time to leave. They take turns carrying him back home and arrange an early wake-up call with the servants. Some of them even have the decency not to mock his hangover the next morning.

For months after the war Iason wakes to the scent of smoke, salt, sweat, and the metallic taint of blood in the air. He wakes with the lungs burning from a breath held underwater too long. He tells himself that these things are only memories; that the war is long over.

Meditation helps, to a degree. Sometimes he falls back asleep. On occasion, though, Iason ends up spiritwalking through the halls of whichever palace the imperial court has taken over. Much to his surprise, Iason finds the latter more relaxing.

He never means to pry into other peoples' business while he wanders, but it astounds Iason how many courtiers lack any discretion whatsoever. By the time court returns to Lucenna for Yule, Iason uncovers half a dozen affairs and a three petty revenge plots amond the minor nobility. He's not sure any of them can be used to his family's advantage, but Iason keeps a record just in case.

February, 474
Iason joins the Ladonic Order.

February 17, 474
Iason's dragon, Aella, hatches.

May, 474
Iason's betrothal to Ionnya Constantinou is arranged by their mothers.

June, 474
Iason suffers serious, but not life-threatening, injuries when the Ladonic Order is deployed in Nenesht.

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