Mohinder Rana
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Mohinder Rana

Variant of Mahendra, meaning Maha "Highest Position" and Indra Deva "the King of Gods." Indra is the Hindu God of Weather and War; King of the Gods.
Address As
Your Grace or His Grace
cis male
Heterosexual & heteroromantic
47 years
Marital Status
People still whisper that he must have a hunchback for how stiff and straight his back is-- the contraption surely must be well hidden.
Stoic, calculating, calm
Excellent at arithmetic, studious in his spare time (prefers architecture and plans)
Mental Weaknesses
Has difficulty with flowery words in correspondence
Long term goal is to remain above scandals caused by his home (he feels satisfied that there are quite a few less than other Royal houses).
What: Frequently donates to local orphanages to further educational pursuits. Conflicts with his personality but in truth, he believes an uneducated mind is a burden upon society.
Who knows this: His wife, his daughter, possibly Chandra, possibly Sunita (though not outright).
In Public
Being stereo-typically cold and aloof to outsiders; apathetic to uninteresting people and topics. Traders have described him as hard to please. Calculated and highly arrogant.
In Private
The Dad: cares about his immediate family's reputation. Semi-warm, an occasional 'good-job, sport' dad. Familiar with his wife's nerves. Ex: Mr. Bennett
Gets along with most of them but is easily annoyed. Got along the best with his eldest brother and was deeply hurt due to his death. Does not acknowledge his sister-in-law.
Sexually monogamous to his wife only but may have had emotional connections in his earlier years of their marriage. Is just Tired and loyal to his wife only now.
Follows the faith. Not known for being diligent with his practices but does pray in private moments.
Lean and lightly toned.
Physical Strengths
Physical Weaknesses
Once lead an active lifestyle but now he lives the privileged noble life (think Persian cat).
445 A Scandalous Marriage.

It is a cool summer evening that sees Mohinder and Devraj discussing marriage. He would be a fool to have missed the way his brother's eyes seem to follow Her. She had a name, of course, but it was one Mohinder did not care to learn.

"Ack, she is all I think about, Brother."

"She is what you shouldn't think of. Someone like that? Pah, she is someone who falls into your bed on the side. Not someone wh--"

"Take that back, Mohinder." It is severe sounding and sharp like an urchin's spike but he bristles under the scold all the same.

"I will not. But if she is what you want, then you had better be more convincing to Father and Mother."

The smile he bestows on his new sister-in-law does not quite reach his eyes. A social climber. Too brazen. Too loud. Too mismatched. Too foreign. Too lowly. He loves his brother but he cannot seem to find a shred of respect for his new sister.

447 A bright future.

The astrologers claim he will make a good marriage match. One full of love and respect. They were wrong, of course, but he pays them their coin all the same. He cares nothing for love, after all. A marriage is meant to be advantageous and he would be damned if he shamed his family by choosing a commoner like his brother before him. A proper marriage now rested on his shoulders.

And Astrologers would say anything for the right price and the price was always steep.

448 Marriage.

Every inch of her exposed skin is covered in intricate displays of henna, her arms lavished in bangles of gold. Their ceremony lasts long into the night, almost till dawn, and Mohinder feels ecstatic with the electric pulse of excitement. His wife, he realizes, is suited for her role of Duchess. She wears it far better than Chandra ever could. Pride, he wears it well.

"Your father claims you will have many heirs, Rosha."

She lifts her nose minutely, her eyes flash at him. "He is right, I shall."

In the end, she only produces two. His nerves cannot stand another pregnancy anyway.

467 Parenthood.

There are not nearly enough tutors in the world to educate his children and sadly not a single one can teach them the common sense they sorely need. He worries. Greatly. Often he thinks, when he gazes at his daughter, that she would do well to marry someone more shrewd, more knowledgeable. He thinks back on the many nights she would spend crying. How a product of both he and his wife could wind up so naive, Mohinder will never know.

Sometimes he looks at his son and daughter and he feels disappointment. Such squandered potential. He loves them, as much as he can and should, but the disappointment is there all the same. Perhaps he should not have been so indulgent with them.

472 Death of Devraj Rana

The Prince of Persad passes in death late one evening after a long battle with consumption. He is heartbroken, clad head to toe in pristine white, and kisses the marble floor beside his brother's death bed. His prayers to the Gods have gone unanswered and all that remains are an unprepared niece and three nephews.

Ah, and a widow.

"Mohinder. I--."

"Roshanara, children. Come." The command is coldly spoken but its intention is clear. Chandra is not one of them and her only hope remains bloated and deceased.

June, 473 His sister, the Empress

Madhali is crowned Empress and he can't help the internal roll his eyes produce. Sweet, boring, and virginal Madhali, too perfect for this world and the apple of his father's eye. It is pathetic sibling rivalry that fuels his irritation. But then he squashes the thought and is entirely pleased that the name Rana is attached to such a high position. He kisses his sister's cheeks once, twice, three times and rains blessings upon her. Perhaps she will fare better than Ming Xia Huyan and he hoped, for her sake, that she would.

August, 473 An alliance.

Rozenn Rana, his new daughter-in-law, both plain and entirely unremarkable. Mousey and afraid, her cheeks flushed with the humidity and hair out of place. She is so unlike her other sister, that Estelle. He can see it in her eyes. Persadians eat creatures like her alive, he thinks. Or at least, his wife would.

He should have picked a better match but perhaps she might be the one to understand Jaswinder's inane chatter about imaginary things.

Present Headaches of House Rana

Tensions rise among the Persadians and he lingers in the background of Sunita's latest mishap, watching his niece wave aside cries of worry, of taxation, of tariffs. He sees her stumble under the weight of responsibility and cannot help but wonder if Aravind would have been better suited for the role. She is quick to dismiss the concerns and passes it on to her next adviser.

The minister of trade is surprisingly absent today. Even still, Mohinder thinks she should have picked a better victim to bestow a problem of this magnitude on than the minister of hygiene.
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