Neela Kartal
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Neela Gita Madhu Kartal 'nee Misra

Neela: Hindi; means Sapphire Blue
Gita: Hindi, Sanskrit; means Song (after her mother)
Madhu: Hindi; means Sweet, Honey
Also Known As
Witch of the Waters (childhood name)
Little Banshee
Titles & Offices
Goldshield, Stratereon Knight
Address As
My Great Lady, My Lady, Ser
Bisexual Panromantic

Kinsey Scale 2 (Predominantly attracted to another gender, but more than incidentally attracted to the same gender)
35 years
July 21, 439
She has married into a Nejemese family and has moved to Nejem. While she has tried to adapt to the culture changes, she still holds steadfast to her upbringing and what she calls home.
Marital Status
Married to Mazhar Kartal
Memory keeping

Neela's gift was evident from a very early age, when it was noted that she was easily bored with her studies, and snapped back at one of her instructors by repeating nearly verbatim what she had been taught the previous two days when she was scolded for not listening. As she grew, she became quite adept at organizing the constant pile of memories that she could never forget, to put them in proper order, and has suffered very little of the effects that were the concern of possible thaumatomania.

The one thing she has suffered is a prominent amount of insomnia as a byproduct of her gift, but that has been easily taken care of with elixirs when the episodes carry too long. To keep away the memories that would take to haunting her, Neela has taken to drinking in private, and with her niece.

Often private, Neela doesn't really use her ability to share memories often, but she often practiced when she was younger, occasionally enjoying confusing people when they saw memories that were not their own. She has come to control this portion of her ability quite well and has made it almost second nature unto herself, which occasionally means accidentally sharing a memory with someone she is particularly close to. Often, she uses her ability in sharing reports as a knight, and keeps her more personal memories to herself. The longer a memory, or the more emotion attached to it, using this ability will often result in headaches, nosebleeds, and, in extreme cases, a loss of consciousness.

True to her family name, Neela is a woman of wealth, in many forms, and rarely gives it away; except at a cost. An excellent knight, recently turned Goldshield, she is loyal to her duties and titles, though not so forgiving on others who don't work for what they've earned. She's known for being open and occasionally loose-lipped about others, but keeps her own cards tight to her chest.
Neela and Yasmin are actually twins.
Neela bought her way into the status of Goldshield; the defense of her former knight was a cover story.
Money exchanged hands for her to marry Mazhar.
Shrewd, SALTY, ambitious, daring.
Perceptive, loyal, humorous, dedicated, adaptive, memory recall
Mental Weaknesses
Stubborn, impatient, easily bored, has insomnia, direct (occasionally to the point of being rude), proud (anything you can do i can do better).
Her biggest desire has always been to bring honor to her family name and herself through her skills and prowess. Her most recent motivations still involve honor, but more often than not involve just trying to make it through without thinking of what she lost in the war. Neela wants to move on, but can't seem to let go.
Neela has upped her drinking ever since the loss of her previously betrothed; she tries to keep it in private.
She and Mazhar have yet to officially consummate their marriage.
Went to a virility temple for advice shortly after married.
In Public
Neela is rather reserved and respectful in public for the most part. Her keen sense of observation comes out when she's in large groups or social functions, and she was often seen as a "wall flower" compared to most other nobles. She tries not to cause any scandals in public, but has been known to dish out backhanded comments when insulted before sauntering away. Tends to get far more mischievous and bold when in the presence of her niece, Yasmin.
In Private
In private, Neela is a much gentler and relaxed creature. Adventurous to her core, she is always doing something, be it sword practice or dancing, but regardless, it is what she chooses on her own time. While she may play peacemaker, she has a vicious and hot temper that she is not afraid to show when she's angry. She spends quite a lot of time with a bottle or goblet in her hand nowadays, and she'll blatantly ignore any comments made toward it. Neela cares a lot about her loved ones, but her passion can often get her into trouble.
Family and family name above all else. Neela is very dedicated to her family and the presence they give off; a left over sentiment of deep pride given to her by her father. Neela loves her family dearly, but due to the age difference between her and her siblings, she doesn't have much of a strong connection to them as most siblings would. She is closest to her niece Yasmin Misra, who she is often mistaken as the twin of, since they are the same age and were raised together. She has tried to strengthen bonds with her brother after all the losses during the war, but recently she's been so enraged that he paid for his son to pass through his squireship that she can barely look at him. She loves her nephew, but he is no knight, and she has professed that loudly.

As for her marriage, it's on rocky waters and has been from day one. She and Mazhar have been friends for a very long time, but with the death of Fakhri being ultimately what began their union, it has split them apart rather than brought them together. She cares deeply for Mazhar, but is still very much in love with his twin brother, which often leads to fights that echo through their household whenever they attempt to be more like husband and wife. #communicationsucks

Neela has swung from freely promiscuous to basically celibate. She wants to be loyal to her husband and their marriage. Still very much in love with Fakhri.

Dignate with Glorian leanings.
Neela is a devout believer of The Faith. She takes regular trips to temples and prays often.
Fakhri Kartel; One True Love, betrothed (Deceased)
Dark eyes, critical stare, tall, intentionally less elaborately dressed than most.
Lithe and athletic
Physical Strengths
Archery, dancing, agile, sword fighting, anything to do on/with a ship
Physical Weaknesses
Most things that are considered "dainty", doesn't sleep much, difficulty writing after a training incident
3 Maybirds of various colors.
July 21, 439 Birth

After three days of hard labor, Neela Gita Madhu Misra was born,
and shortly after, her mother passed from birth complications. Her father said Neela must have known when her mother passed, because she didn't wail until shortly after. He started to call her his little banshee.


"Veela tu, umbre," she murmured, knowing full well she was being watched. She had to bite her lip to keep from giggling, to keep her composure, but she managed. Neela threw her arms wide, calling the same words loudly, just at the right time that a rough wind roared across the waters.

She whirled around to face the two other children who thought they were sneaking up on her and pointed at them. They let out a shriek as they tore away from their hiding place, "Witch! She's a witch of the water!!"

Only it was only a few moments before she burst into a fit of giggles along side the other girl that was with her, and it turned into cackling before she could contain it.

"I can't believe they believed it!" There was something to be said about the rumors of the Misra family and how they could be used to one's advantage.

451 Neela begins squiring with a member of the Kartal house

453 Neela is knighted as a Stratereon Knight

457 Her sister dies

460 Neela's father dies

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