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ARAVIND CORONA nee rana is Arya's current husband and Prince (Consort) of Lucenna. His suggested face claim is Riz Ahmed or Avan Jogia, but this is negotiable!
  • Here's the bad news: he's spoiled, passive aggressive, and, well, whiny. Aravind has lived a very privileged life with a loving family, so when things aren't going his way, he has the temperament of a sullen child. At the moment, he's quite convinced that he has the worst luck in the world and that his life is incredibly tragic.
  • The good news? He is going to become a better person over time, and he does have a number of redeeming qualities. Among them are intelligence, softheartedness and mercy, and genuinely feeling a lot of compassion for other people when he takes the time to pull his head out of his ass.
  • Now that the good and the bad are out of the way, it's time for the ugly: his marriage to Arya! This will improve over time. In the future, I want them to become a political power duo. For now, however, it is rife with misunderstanding and resentment.
  • When they were younger, Aravind ran with the pack that was Arya, Natan, and the generally exclusive club of stuck-up royal children. When Arya and Natan's mother died, they had a lot less time for Aravind, which annoyed him a lot and caused a rift in their relationship.
  • He has at some point, and continues to have, romantic feelings for her. They were engaged prior to the Royal Rebellion when Aravind and/or his mother extended a proposal which Arya accepted (to everyone's surprise, because she was notorious for rejecting suitors). They got on well at first and reminisced over their childhood but Arya slowly grew more annoyed with him, and eventually snapped due to the war.
  • They married after the war was finished, and it's made a huge difference. Arya finds Aravind unbearably annoying due to his sense of entitlement and the fact that he symbolizes the endless weight of duty, and she's been having a rough time due to the deaths of family members and war-induced stress/guilt. She has not been giving him much attention, and when she does, she's quite rude, encouraging the people of Rosecourt to use him as the butt of jokes.  In fact, she's been sleeping with him and drinking moon tea so she'll never get pregnant. Now everyone thinks Aravind is impotent, sparking the unflattering ship name "the unicorn and her virgin."
  • Aravind, in turn, doesn't understand what her problem is because neither of them is communicating properly. He aggressively strives for her favor, often in annoying ways that would repel any sane person.
  • Again, this will change; they will finally find common ground and mature.
  • Also, her twin brother Emperor Natanaele can't stand him, Alex (Arya's lover) doesn't much like him either, and his overbearing mother is constantly pull sitcom-type shenanigans to force him and Arya together in the hopes that they'll make tons of babies.
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