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Padmavati Sadik nee Tarabai
47 ✥ Indira Varma
Padmavati is Rahim's wife and almost opposite of him. She's a flirtatious ditz, and a bit of an annoying embarrassment, to be honest. That said, she's unstoppable when she sets her mind to something, and has a heart of gold. He's fond of her in many ways and they've had some truly hot and heavy times but ultimately he has this internalized idea that he's above her. So why did they marry? They had an affair years ago and when she got pregnant she wanted to keep the child. Rahim needed and heir and felt it was some kind of charity case, so there you go. She really loves him, she does, and knows he's having an affair, which she finds really hurtful but hasn't done anything about. If you've seen i Medici, I'm sort of picturing a Cosimo / Contessina vibe.

Isra Sadik
28 ✥ Aiysha Hart or Golshifteh Farahani
Rahim's daughter who literally tried to kill him once. More on that later. She's very like Rahim in some ways: stubborn, practical, strategic. The difference is that she's also inherited a bit of dramatic flair from her mother. Now, Rahim isn't a bad father, but he's certainly a demanding one. He's an extremely picky micromanager and since Isra is his only child, all of his expectations have fallen on her. They're actually a great political team but he doesn't appreciate her nearly as much as he should. She hates that he doesn't view her as capable enough, victimizing herself quite a bit. So, she tried to kill him and just take over the family, but it was ultimately unsuccessful. Rahim just won't die. Anyway, I'd like him to find out (if he hasn't already; we can talk about this) and give them a bizarre sort of relationship where he's actually impressed that she tried to off him.

Safiya Sadik
45/39/37 ✥ Nurgül Yeşilçay or Golshifteh Farahani
This is bouncing off a vague previous idea for Rahim's sister– but he actually has three sisters, and it doesn't matter to me which one you use. Or if you want to make a sister that has nothing to do with this request but has these faces; it's all good! Tbh I mostly just wanted to suggest these faces. In any case, she's the one person in House Sadik that doesn't take Rahim super seriously, and it gets on his damn nerves. She's wonderful friends with Padmavati and frankly it is the bane of his existence.

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