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We've been asking about what the fox says but not about how the fox feels

Bartholomieu Guillory
24 ✥ Sean Teale ✥ Memory Keeper
Bartholomieu is a steady, mellow sort of guy, unless something he loves is threatened. When that happens, he gets hella protective. He's a family man, a peacemaker, a good knight, and always does his best. During the royal rebellion, his power of memory keeping was triggered by lil bro Bellamy being in danger, and since then he's had terrible PTSD. Thing is, he's the sort of person who keeps that shit bottle up and tries to appear happy-go-lucky so that he won't bother anyone else. He married Nafisah Guillory nee Yilmaz because he totally got her pregnant during her first time, and he became house head after dad was murdered. His name can be changed as long as it starts with B and is pretentiously French.

Colette Guillory
39 ✥ Penelope Cruz ✥ Master of Coin

Colette (whose name can be changed but should only get more pretentious if anything) is a literal vodka aunt. She's the Master of Coin on the Imperial Council, so she knows a goddamn thing or two about economics and making money. She's forthright, chill to hang out with, gives unprecedented advice, and is actually sort of wise despite being an alcoholic.

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